Wednesday, July 16, 2014


These past few weeks I've been pretty busy - I'm nearly done with my depression suit, although I still have to figure out the details for it like a collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. I'm hoping to post the full process sometime soon (Next week? Fingers crossed!).

I've met with some wonderful people today, Danny and Cathy Gott, to talk about autism and meet some people at Danny's Farm, a farm type setting in Pasadena for people with developmental disabilities (here's the website if you're curious: I've been reading various sources on autism lately, including books by Temple Grandin, but its nice to be able to talk to people who actually have autism to get their perspective. I'll be using what I learned as inspiration for my next outfit, an autism dress that I hope will be a good teaching tool for someone who has no idea what it might be like to have autism.

Lastly, I've ordered lots of electronics, conductive fabrics and arduinos from SparkFun, a company in Boulder CO that does awesome tutorials on e-textiles (the new combo field of electronics and fabrics/clothes) as well as stocking a huge range of products and kits to get started. I'll be using these to make neuron shirts (switching from the neuron bodysuit idea) so I'm excited for when they get here. This will probably be a simple design, less of a serious teaching tool than the other two outfits. Here's SparkFun's website: They are well worth browsing around, especially the tutorials section.

That's all for now. I've been trying to come up with new dress designs and I think I may have to switch to four instead of five full outfits. I'm stuck between a dress on synesthesia, and another one for autism... depending on how well received my idea of an autism dress is received by the Autism Societies in LA.

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