Monday, August 4, 2014

To Dos...

So I made some lists of the things I have to finish by the end of this month (apologies for the note-taking slang):

Neuron Shirt To Do
-Finish part of neuron printed image - make sure thick/dark (go over with black marker)
-Cut out/into pieces of neuron that will fit on screen for screen printing
-Find a glass/acrylic pane
-Do first screen print/exposure
-Text run on shirts from CVS or old tank tops
-If good then try on the dress shirts
-Repeat the above three steps as many times as there are neuron pieces
-Wash shirts?
-Get reed/hall/IR sensors for cuffs
-Sew on circuits with Protosnap LilyPad Development kit
-Repeat on second shirt (printing/circuit sewing)
-Write blog post on making of

Autism Dress To Do
-Go to ACEing Autism ( to talk to kids with varying degrees of ASD
-Look up fabric amounts for pattern/wait for dress to arrive (~10 days --> August 14)
-Get noisemakers for skirt
-Once dress is here, dissemble it (if it fits --> if not make alterations)
-Design fabrics for bodice/skirt
-Cut out fabric
-Sew together - make sure half of top is asymmetrical
-Attach pins to front
-Make curse words belt?
-Test on various people --> survey?
-Send to various organizers of Autism conferences/ask to be displayed in class at MIT
-Write blog post on making of

Depression Suit To Do
-Wait for Lise to get back
-Test placement of weights on back/height of sleeve cuffs/straps placement
-Make face cone
-Test outfit on other people - survey?
-Update blog post

Synesthesia Bodysuit To Do
-Order plastic blue bowl from Amazon/other site
-Figure out how to combine all the various fabrics --> design outfit
-Sew pieces on/glue on
-Fit on model (while doing gluing?)
-Try on others --> record responses (survey?)
-Write blog post on making of

General To Do
-Write up overall design process in blog post
-Get (enough) survey responses from outfits to write up report/summary for Eloranta judges
-Organize 'fashion show' at Course 9 department event - email administrator

I've cut my project down to four outfits in the interest of time, but I still have so much to do! Agh, wish me luck.

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