Sunday, June 15, 2014

Starting out

This will be my blog for the summer, where I'll be documenting my Neural Fashion project. The project will be my own mix of art and science, specifically neuroscience and fashion. I hope to follow the model of Helen and Kate Storey, two sisters who created a line of clothing, Primitive Streak, inspired by the first 1000 hours of human life [1]. I would like to make a clothing line from scratch to convey the humanity of neuroscience. So far, the topics I plan to cover will include depression, autism, neural conductivity, synesthesia and neuron structure.

These are two sample designs I have in mind for the project. Hopefully I'll be adding more detail over the summer. 

I chose clothing as a medium due to the ability of the wearer to interact with the clothing, and derive a more personalized meaning from the outfit. The final goal is to have clothing designs that have an educational value of a high caliber such that an MIT professor would consider using them as teaching tools in class, while maintaining an aesthetic value that they could be exhibited in a museum.

[1] Primitive Streak collection and explanation:

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